Nightshift by Yam Laranas

Just started working on the new film from Yam Laranas, Nightshift!
Here’s the teaser with music by me.

A woman is stuck in the morgue - on her first day - working as an assistant to a pathologist when the dead begin to manifest signs of resurrection. Not believing in the concept of the 'afterlife', she is challenged to face the reality that the strange weather outside, recurring earthquakes, and an unearthly trumpet sound could be the countdown to the end of days.

World Soundtrack Awards

So, I was pre-selected for the Public Choice Award at the World Soundtrack Awards for my score for Aurora by Yam Laranas.

I'm up against pretty heavy competition inc John Williams, Danny Elfman and Thomas Newman to mention a few...

Below is a link to the opening sequence from the film. It's a slow build... Orchestrated by Tristan Noon and recorded by Fames Project in Skopje. Some of the solo string fx were recorded by Mattias Bylund in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Across The Water (Aurora OST)


Aurora - Winner

Aurora just won ”BEST OVERALL SCORE OF THE YEAR” at Reel Music, in competition with Marco Beltrami, Desplat etc (And also ORIGINAL SCORE FOR A FANTASY/SCIENCE FICTION/HORROR FEATURE)

From Alan Roger’s Reel Music: 

”Oscar Fogelström’s score for the Philippines supernatural thriller, Aurora, tops the category of overall score of the year because of a number of things. Firstly, the choral work in the score, particularly in the opening and closing tracks, is impressive.... 

...Also, dissonance features strongly in Aurora but the dissonance is somehow bedded in melody. Maybe ‘melody’ isn’t the correct word to use, maybe it’s that the dissonance is easily listenable that it almost sounds melodic? Unusual orchestrations, trilling brass figures, glissandi are all mixed with support from the choir which has now taken on a different feel from that which was heard in the opening cue. Personally, I love the way the composer uses the orchestra to create such an impressive soundscape. Although ominous and unsettling, solo strings offer a hint of humanity at various points in the score. Fogelström is always doing something interesting with the orchestra: where there would be tense scenes populated with ‘filler music’ (e.g., ambient soundscapes), here the composer achieves tension but keeps the music listenable.
Aurora is the most enjoyable score I heard in 2018. The final minutes of “Rise Up” could easily be made into a wonderful concert piece.”

Aurora - Feature Film

Oscar just finished the score for feature film Aurora by director Yam Laranas. The film opened in 150+ theaters in Asia and was mixed in Dolby Atmos. It has also had a theatrical run in the US and will soon be up on various streaming services.

Original Music
Oscar Fogelström


F.A.M.E.'S. Project, Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra, Skopje, Macedonia
Conductor : Oleg Kontradenko
Orchestrated by Tristan Noon
String session editing by Rich Aitken
Solo violin performed by David Bergström
Solo violin recorded by Mattias Bylund

Johannebergs Vokalensemble
Conductors: Jan K. Delemark & Mikael Carlsson
Recorded by Mikael Carlsson
Choir editing by Ivano Tria and Joe Miller

Skärmavbild 2019-02-05 kl. 13.34.25.png

Bad Dreams

Oscar just finished the score for Stuart Fryer’s horror short “Bad Dreams”. Music composed by Oscar Fogelström, strings recorded by Mattias Bylund and performed by David Bergström

”Oscar listened to my vision for our Horror short ‘Bad Dreams’.  He knew all the obscure 18th century composers work I referenced swell as the modern ones.  The result:  my short film has the soundtrack of a Hollywood movie.  His work elevates it to a different level.  The music lifts the film from a mere low budget horror to a film with weight and meaning.  Oscars work has given me the chance to play the film alongside the worlds best at film festivals around the world.  I will be back working with Oscar again and again… Superb work.”


City Lights:Night Visions

Radio show "City Lights:Night Visions". Featuring some Scandinavian film composers, including Oscar Fogelström, Ólafur Arnalds, Henrik Skram and Johann Jóhann Jóhannsson.

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