songwriting credits


2017 Frans - Liar (Cardiac records/Sony Music), Remix
2017 John De Sohn - Standing When it All Falls Down (Sony Music Sweden), Remix
2017 Luke Black - Walpurgis Night (Universal Austria) Production
2017 Shirin - Back to the Basics (Cardiac records/Sony Music) Songwriting and Production
2016 Frans - If I Were Sorry (Cardiac records/Sony Music) Songwriting and Production. 80 million streams on Spotify. Official Video 30M streams on Youtube. #1 on German, Polish, Portugese, Swiss and Austrian Radio Charts etc. 5 X Platinum album. Swedish Grammy Award "Song of the year 2016"
2016 Frans - Young Like Us (Cardiac records/Sony Music) Songwriting and Production.
2016 Badpojken feat. Panetoz - Kalabalika (Cardiac records/Sony Music) Songwriting and Production
2016 Badpojken - All Notorious (Cardiac records/Sony Music) Songwriting and Production
2016 John de Sohn - Highway (Sony Music) - Songwriting
2016 Pernilla Andersson - Mitt Guld - String arrangement
2015 Badpojken - Crashy Bashy Christmas (Cardiac records/Sony Music) Songwriting and Production
2014 Jimmy Wahlsteen - Album (Candyrat Records) Production and mix, 4 songs. Mix, 4 songs
2012 Sean Banan - Album (Sony Music Sweden) Songwriting and Production, 6 songs. Platinum album
2012 Niki & the Dove/Oscar Fogelström - Ball & Chain (Next10Years) Songwriting and Production
2012 Jimmy Wahlsteen (Candyrat Records) Production and mix, 6 songs. Mix, 6 songs
2011 Anders Lundin - Långsamt (Lemur/Universal SWE)) Production and mix
2010 Chi-me Arkhang (Independent) Songwriting and production, 1 song. Mix, 11 songs
2009 Jimmy Wahlsteen (Candyrat Records) Mix, 12 songs
2008 Anders Lundin - Knyckliga sånger (Lemur/Universal SWE) Production and mix
2006 Daniel Lindström - Nån Slags Verklighet (Sony/Bmg SWE) Songwriting and Production, 3 songs. Production, 9 songs. Winner Swedish Idol
2006 Peter Barlach - Den Heliga Familjen (Satellite Records SWE) Songwriting and Production, 2 songs. Production and mix, 9 songs
2005 Melinda Wrede - Album (Sony Music SWE) Songwriting and Production, 14 songs
2005 Nordman - Ge mig tid (Bonnier Music SWE) Songwriting
2004 Sahlene - Troublemaker (Lionheart) Mix
2004 Lena Björckén-Olsson - One More Night (JVC JPN) Songwriting and Production
2004 Jei & Jei - Boogie Oogie (JVC JPN) Production
2004 Super Trouper Jul (Universal) Production 14 songs
2003 Superswirls (Independent) Production and mix, 4 songs
2003 Adam Thompson - She ́s a Machine (Independent) Songwriting
2002 The Horror (Independent) Production and mix, 4 songs
2002 Ola och Gorillan (V2 Records) Songwriting and Production, 14 songs - Swedish Grammy Award
2001 Karin Ström (Edel Records) Production, 2
2001 Josef Zackrisson (EMI Records) Production, 11 songs
2001 Världens bästa skiva (V2 Scandinavia) Songwriting and Production and mix, 14 songs
2000 Jerry Williams - Can ́t Slow Down (Universal) Production, 12 songs - Gold Album
2000 Caroline af Ugglas - It ́s a Skill to be Thrilled (V2 Records) Production and mix
2000 Bombay Vikings - Kya Soorat Hai (Sony Music India) 4 songs performed and co-produced
1999 Myror i brallan (V2 Records) Songwriting and Production, 9 songs - Gold Album
1994 Bombay Vikings - Bombay Vikings (Zee Music India) Songwriting and Production, 11 songs


A mix of released and unreleased songs. All songs written/co-written and produced by Oscar Fogelström. 
(All tracks are the property of their respective publisher)