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oscar fogelström

Oscar’s music is like his personality: responsive, humorous, personable, honest, warm, sensitive. He possesses a musical creative genius that knows no bounds.
— Lasse Hallström (Gilbert Grape, Cider House Rules, Shipping News, Dear John etc) icily picturesque Stockholm to maximum advantage, in a production whose somber intensity is further heightened by Oscar Fogelström’s unintrusively sinister score
— Hollywood Reporter, on the score for The Hypnotist
This has some good emotional quality to it!
— Lorne Balfe, on the Hans Zimmer "Genius" competition submission
Dark and vibey, Love it love it. Beautifully produced!
— Tina Guo, on the Hans Zimmer "Genius" competition submission

oscar fogelström


Oscar Fogelstrom is a Swedish composer and songwriter.

As a composer, his music and creativity has shaped and underpinned movies, tv-shows and commercials for the past 20 years. His clients have included such names as Coke, Blackberry, Reebok and IKEA as well as award winning movie directors, including Lasse Hallström for whom he composed the score for Sweden's entry for the Academy Awards 2013, "The Hypnotist". Born and raised in Sweden, with a father from Macedonia, his mix of Scandinavian and Macedonian heritage makes for an interesting blend of musical expressions.

As a songwriter and producer, his songs have gathered more than 100M streams on Spotify and earned him several international gold and platinum albums. He has also been awarded two Swedish Grammys as a songwriter. In 2017 he won a Grammy for "Song of the year" for his song "If I Were Sorry", in competition with, among others, Zara Larsson and Vigiland. "If I Were Sorry" was also #1 on many European radio channels throughout 2016 and was one of the 20 most played songs on European radio that year.





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